Venus 2000 User?

We are often contacted by Venus 2000 owners who are keen to use our SPTs . Our lined SPTs can now be used with a V2000!  We recommend that they are used in combination with our Venus 2000 connection hose and a bungee support. SeriousKit SPTs have parts that are machined out of stainless steel, and are therefore heavier than V2000 receivers – the bungee support system allows them to be used hands free.

Venus 2000 Conversion Kit

 Everything you need to start using SeriousKit SPTs with the Venus 2000. Choose what you need out of an Electro SPT with conductive liner, a Venus 2000 connection hose, and a Bungee Support for hands-free use.

See Through Liners

Suitable for use with the Venus 2000, these liners are see through when wet with lube – see every detail of your ‘cucumber’

£12 or three for £30

Conductive Liners

SeriousKit’s conductive liners can be used either in Venus 2000 receivers or with our Electro SPTs when used with the Venus 2000

 £25 or three for £55


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