Vacuum Suit Extras

Timer Control Box


A timer control box is available for programable suction cycles. We recommend this as constantly changing levels of suction feel great and setting this up beforehand allows you to abandon yourself to the suit…. The control box also allows for periods of relaxation and recovery without suction – ultimately this means you can keep going for longer!

£235 including 12v Power Supply

E-stim rubber Masturbation Bag

All of our vacuum suits come with a E-stim Masturbation Bag included. Made from high quality rubber and fitted with a part-length conductive rubber sheath, the bag enables a unique sensation of wet rubber masturbation and sensual e-stim. Each Bag is fitted with a polished aluminium mount that seals the bag to the suit

Additional bags are available if you want a choice of mount size (40mm or 50mm)

£95 – including the option of a 300mm hose and connector.


Anal Access and Anal Probe Port

 Our vacuum suits can be fitted with a laser cut latex anal access point (similar to the SPT port) complete with a removable acetal seal for when not in use. A 30mm acetal probe port also fits inside the anal access and allows the use of SeriousKit’s precision E-stim probes, whilst maintaining the vacuum of the suit. The port can accommodate a range of SeriousKit probes of different types and sizes. All are mono polar, intended to link with either an SPT, Rubber Masturbation Bag, or the suit itself. The port is great because it allows our probes to be positioned, and to stay in place, at various depths (e.g. for precise prostate stimulaton). The port is supplied with a polished aluminium seal for when a probe is not in use.


 Anal probe ports can be retrofitted to existing SeriousKit Vacuum Suits –  email us for a details.


Adjustable Depth Probe

Machined and polished in the SeriousKit workshop. 30mm smooth aluminium E-stim probe with control handle. The depth of insertion through the port can be adjusted. Probe length is 110mm. The probe fits snugly in the port and will remain in place once positioned.



Mushroom Head Probes

These probes have a 30mm diameter ‘stem’ that is inserted through the probe port. The larger ‘head’ is then screwed into position inside the suit. This can be done before putting on the suit. The head of the probe can sit inside the suit before being inserted later on during the session. The heads are available with a diameter of either 40mm or 50mm. The depth of insertion through the port can be adjusted. Insertable probe length is 120mm for the 40mm probe and 140mm for the 50mm probe. The probe stem fits snugly in the port and will remain in place once positioned. 


Prostate Probe

The polished aluminium 30mm conductive head is mounted on to a non-conductive rod. This means that the electro-stimulation is felt only at the conductive head – a unique sensation! The depth of insertion can be smoothly adjusted to achieve optimal sensation. A polished aluminium base fits snugly into the probe port, ensuring that the probe remains in position. Insertable probe length is 140mm.



Removable Hand Pods




The suit can be fitted with both wrist seals and specialist push-fit connectors that allows hand pods to be connected or removed. This option is great for those who want to experience a sense of abandonment when using the suit with supervision, but who would also like to be able to easily use the suit when alone.



Additional E-stim Panels


Additional E-stim panels can be built into the suit at the time of ordering. Panels need to be fitted in pairs as each panel is mono-polar. Each pad is fitted with a stainless steel snap connector and comes a white cable.


£65 per pair 

3.5mm connection Point 'inside' Suit

A 3.5mm female socket can be fitted inside to suit to allow the connection of an E-stim probe (or similar). The cable enters the suit through an air-tight stainless steel port. A separate heavy duty coiled cable is included to connect to any E-stim unit with a 3.5mm connection


Fluid Supply Kit

These can be used to enable full-body wet play. The fluid supply can be connected either to one of the the suit hoses, or to a hose on the rubber masturbation bag. Cooled or warmed lube feels particularly good, even a slight change in temperature can provide an intense sensory experience. We recommend a dilute water based lube such as K-Lube (1g of K-Lube per litre of water). A wet vacuum suit enables smoother E-stim by enhancing conductivity between the skin and the conductive rubber. 

£55 (including connection hose).


Heavy Duty Coiled cables

 Heavy duty coiled cable. 3.5mm jack to 2 x 4mm banana jacks. 1.5m – unextended. These cables look very Serious! To connect these to the E-stim panels of the suit you will also need a pair of (red or black) ‘push fit snap connector’ to ‘4mm banana socket’ adaptors. Each cable connects to a pair of E-stim pads.

£45 + £5 (for pair of adaptors)



Suit Hanger

This heavy duty hanger is designed for diving suits. Perfect for storing or displaying the vacuum suit.



Suit Polish

Pjur Cult Ultrashine 250ml


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