The Mega Suit


How it Feels

 The Mega Suit has been designed to explore the full potential of electro-stimulation sensation. Used together the fourteen electro-stimulation panels create a truly overwhelming sensation that the SeriousKit team are as yet unable to put into words. The suit is also capable of extraordinary subtlety as the high volume of Electro-Stimulation panels enable cross connection that can trace varied E-stim paths from one part of the body to another. The intensity can be as gentle or as powerful as you (or whoever is in control!) desires.

As with all of the suits The Mega Suit can be used with the full SeriousKit range of SPTs. The anal probe port allows for precise electro-stimulation of the prostate .



 The Mega Suit is designed with all the same specifications as The Rubber Vacuum suit and is fitted with the same E-stim panels as The Electro Suit (pairs of nipple, abdominal, and buttock pads). The Mega Suit has an additional eleven pairs of electrodes to stimulate the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, inner forearms, upper arms,  thighs (front and back),  calves, shoulders, and back (lower middle and upper).


 The Mega Suit is also fitted with a laser cut latex anal access point (similar to the SPT port) complete with a removable acetal seal for when not in use. A 30mm acetal probe port also fits inside the anal access and allows the use of SeriousKit’s precision E-stim probes, whilst maintaining the vacuum of the suit. The port can accommodate a range of SeriousKit probes of different types and sizes. All are mono polar and intended to link with either an SPT, Rubber Masturbation Bag, or the suit itself. The port is great because it allows our probes to be positioned, and to stay in place, at various depths (e.g. for precise prostate stimulation). The port is supplied with a polished aluminium seal for when a probe is not in use. The suit is supplied with our 30mm adjustable depth probe.



 The suit comes with the option of either a front zip across the upper chest, or a zip across the top of the back. If you will always play solo then we recommend a front zip. If you will be using the suit with assistance then the back zip can add to the sense of ‘abandonment’ that many users derive from the suit. A back zip is possible for solo users but it is a little harder as pull cords to open and close the zip are needed.

 Similarly the suit comes with a choice of either hand pods (pictured) or wrist seals. We recommend wrist seals for solo users – you will not be able to undo the zip with hand pods on!

 Our vacuum suits are all made to order so just email us if you are interested in purchasing.


SeriousKit Vacuum Suits are highly customisable and designed on a case by case basis to fulfil the desires of each customer. We sell a range of extras so that we can ensure you get the suit you want. Timer control boxes, E-stim panels, anal access ports & probes. If you would like to customise a suit order, or if you have an existing SeriousKit Vacuum Suit that you would like to add to.... 

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