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You can now purchase much of the SeriousKit range here in our online shop. Due to the highly specialised nature of some of our products, some items still need to be ordered by email. Get in touch with us using the contact form at the bottom of the page if you would like to purchase something that is not available in our online store. Most orders include something that is made to order, dispatch is usually within 7 days.


Milkers and Milker Kits

The SeriousKit Milker is at the centre of what we do. Buy the New 2020 Milker and start milking today!



The SPT is the business end of the Milker. Refined over the past decade we now offer a selection of electro-stimulation and pulsating suction vacuum tubes designed to offer a wide range of sensations. From simple suction to Electro-stimulation you can decide how far to go.


Harnesses & KITS

SeriousKit harnesses can be used with both our hand pump and our vacuum products. Play ‘hands free’ while experiencing penile, anal, perineal, and nipple stimulation!

Available individually and as customiasable kits.



Scrotal Suction

 We sell vacuum cylinder scrotal suction devices as well as E-stim testicle tubes that can be used with either a hand pump or the SeriousKit Milker.

Hand Pump

Our hand pump systems have changed the industry’s understanding of what is possible. From simple suction to Electro-stimulation and urethral sounding – how far do you want to go?


Nipple Suction & Stimulation

We sell a range of nipple suction and electro-stimulation devices that can be used in combination with the SeriousKit Milker.  





SeriousKit probes come in all shapes and sizes. We produce electro-stimulation probes, enema probes, and targeted sphincter E-stim probes. 



SeriousKit produce see-through liners and black conductive liners. These can be used with our SPTs or with Venus 2000 or Tremblr receivers. 

Gear for Women

Electro-stimulation vacuum gear for women!

Venus 2000 User?

We are often contacted by V2000 owners who are keen to use our SPTs and want to know if they are compatible. The answer is that  all SeriousKit SPTs can now be used with the V2000.


Cables & Control Boxes

Look here to find cables, control boxes, and more!


Rubber Vacuum Suits


The SeriousKit Vacuum suit is the proof that we really can make dreams come true. Fine-tuned over the past decade our hermetically sealed rubber suit makes full use of the milker’s capacity to evacuate both air and fluids, creating a unbeatable sensation of full-body wet pulsating suction that must be felt to be believed. With the option of E-stim panels and compatible with our full range of SPTs, nipple devices and probes, in the right hands this suit can make your most extreme fantasies a reality.


We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and our ability to bring your fantasies to life. We offer a bespoke service for customers who have something particular in mind.  

Contact Us

At SeriousKit we have developed a reputation for listening to our customers. You asked for the impossible and we made it happen!

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