Scrotal Suction

And now for something completely different…! Pulsating electro-stimulation scrotal suction delivered either to the whole scrotum or to each testicle individualy. Originally made to order at customer request, these are now a SeriousKit favourite. Use in combination with an SPT for the full milking experience.

Testicle Pump & stim Tubes

Suitable for both hand pump use and use with the SeriousKit Milker, these testicle tubes are machined from solid aluminium in the SeriousKit workshops.

The twin tubes provide carefully engineered suction and electro-stimulation from one testicle to the other. Hoses are included, cables must be purchased separatly.


Mono-Polar Scrotal Suction Tube


Available in two sizes lined with soft conductive rubber. Supplied with a simple silicone harness that holds the tube comfortably in position.


Bi-Polar Scrotal Suction Tube


Fitted with a comfort ring the Bi-Polar Scrotal Suction tube comes with a simple tube harness for ease of use.


Custom Orders


If you would like a set up that is not available in our online shop get in touch with us via email using the contact form below.

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