Rubber Vacuum Suits

SeriousKit Vacuum Suits are highly customisable. We offer three ‘as they come’ models of suit. The (far from) basic Rubber Vacuum Suit is the foundation that the other suits build upon: the Electro Suit introduces E-stim, and The Mega Suit includes just about everything we have so far added to the suit. At the point of ordering customers can specify a combination of the components from any of these suits (see the ‘extras’ section at the bottom of the page for a price guide). This is very much a bespoke ‘tailoring’ service – we want to give you what you want! Because these suits are complex they are not available for ‘click and buy’ purchase. Please email us with an idea of what you are looking for if you would like to buy a vacuum suit.

Rubber Vacuum Suit

 Designed for use with the SeriousKit milker – The hermetically sealed rubber suit has a comfortable air tight neck seal, an air tight access zip, foot pods and a choice of  hand pods or wrist seals.  Once in – you are fully sealed.   Stainless steel ports allow air-tight entry of three vacuum hoses.  The vacuum hoses have quick connect fittings to link to the SeriousKit milker. An SPT/access port is also fitted to allow our penis devices to be used while maintaining an air tight seal.  The suit is also supplied with a removable air tight rubber E-stim masturbation bag fitted to the SPT port.  


Electro Vacuum Suit


The Electro Vacuum Suit is designed to allow comprehensive sensual electro-stimulation. The combination of wet whole body vacuum suction and electro-stimulation is very special. The wet rubber interior of the suit enables excellent conductivity.The suit has built in nipple, buttock, abdominal electro-stimulation panels and comes with an E-stim masturbation bag. Any of our electro SPTs can be used via the suit’s SPT port.  The SeriousKit ‘Electro-Stim’ vacuum suit provides keen rubber fetishists with a unique sensual experience.






The Mega suit

 We have our customers to thank for The Mega Suit. This suit is the product of customer enquiries over the years as you asked for a suit that delivers more and more overwhelming sensation. With fourteen pairs of electro-stimulation pads, from the shoulders to the soles of the feet, The Mega Suit offers comprehensive full body E-stim that enables you to send intense waves of sensation from one part of your body to another. 

 Fitted with an anal access port that allows the insertion of our ‘adjustable depth’ precision E-stim probes, whilst maintaining the vacuum of the suit – this one really does have it all. 



SeriousKit Vacuum Suits are highly customisable and designed on a case by case basis to fulfil the desires of each customer. We sell a range of extras so that we can ensure you get the suit you want. Timer control boxes, E-stim panels, anal access ports & probes. If you would like to customise a suit order, or if you have an existing SeriousKit Vacuum Suit that you would like to add to.... 

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