Rubber Vacuum Suit


How it Feels


SeriousKit Vacuum Suits are designed to provide a unique experience – whole-body wet pulsating suction with pneumatic masturbation (when using an SPT). Once the suit is connected to the Milker air is quickly removed and the suit tightens and grips the occupant – this can be quite a surprise the first time! Adding lube to the suit during a session can further enhance the bizarre sensation, warmed or cool liquids can work particularly well. Liquid within the suit can be evacuated into the Milker when required.  



The hermetically sealed rubber suit has a comfortable airtight neck seal, an air tight access zip, a choice of hand pods or wrist seals, and foot pods. The suit is chlorinated and polished, this treatment makes the suit smooth (so easy to get in and out of) and makes it look great. Stainless steel ports allow the air tight entry of three vacuum hoses that quickly evacuate the suit once under suction from the Milker.

A laser cut SPT port is fitted to the font of the suit, allowing the use of any of our SPTs whilst maintaining an airtight seal. The suit comes with an electro-stimulation rubber masturbation bag which fits to the same port.

The vacuum suit is a loose fit garment that tightens to fit the body of each user. For studio users we provide a ‘one size fits all’ suit with hand and foot pods. For individual clients the suits are still loose fit but we ask for a few measurements that ensure we provide a suit of the right proportions. 


The suit comes with the option of either a front zip across the upper chest, or a zip across the top of the back. If you will always play solo then we recommend a front zip. If you will be using the suit with assistance then the back zip can add to the sense of ‘abandonment’ that many users derive from the suit. A back zip is possible for solo users but it is a little harder as pull cords are needed to open and close the zip.


Similarly the suit comes with a choice of either hand pods (pictured) or wrist seals. We recommend wrist seals for solo users – you will not be able to undo the zip with hand pods on!

 Our vacuum suits are all made to order so just email us if you are interested in purchasing. 


SeriousKit Vacuum Suits are highly customisable and designed on a case by case basis to fulfil the desires of each customer. We sell a range of extras so that we can ensure you get the suit you want. Timer control boxes, E-stim panels, anal access ports & probes. If you would like to customise a suit order, or if you have an existing SeriousKit Vacuum Suit that you would like to add to.... 

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