‘Total’ Vacuum Cylinder


The “Total” cylinder has an internal diameter of 80mm with three electrodes – an 80mm diameter polished aluminium base electrode ring for scrotal stimulation, an adjustable length 6.35mm (1/4”) electro sound and an adjustable height ring electrode – that also functions as a penis guide.

The “Total” cylinder is designed to allow comprehensive suction and electro stimulation to the entire cock & ball region and is designed for hand pump use. We can supply an optional hose to allow the SeriousKit milker to be carefully used as a vacuum source if required.

A short blanking sound can be supplied so the cylinder can be used without a sound if required.

Having an adjustable depth sound and an adjustable height ring electrode allows accurate positioning for optimal sensation.. Both in terms on intensity and ‘feel’.  The penis ring electrode also functions as a guide to allow accurate alignment of the sound with the penis.

The three electrodes in the “Total” cylinder enable either tri-phase stimulation to be used or highly focused bi-polar e-stim such as sound to ring electrode – at any height along the penis length.  Alternately the base ring scrotal electrode can be paired with either the sound or ring electrode. Having such a wide range of options in terms of electrode type and position allows a session to develop in terms of sensation and intensity.  The wide acrylic cylinder gives excellent visibility of what is happening to the man.


Product Details


The cylinder diameter is 80mm and the sound size is 6.35mm (1/4”).  The ring electrode is available with an internal diameter of  35mm, 40mm or 45mm.  Choose a ring electrode internal diameter as close to your erect size as possible to allow optimal sound alignment – as the ring electrode also functions as a guide for the sound by centralising the penis in the cylinder. We recommend supporting the cylinder from above for ease of use and visibility – the cylinder has a support loop. The Total cylinder is supplied with a vacuum hose that will fit most hand pumps – but hand pumps can be purchased here xxxxx.  The electrode connections are all 4mm sockets – so cables with 4mm banana jacks are needed (also available on the website if needed)