Testicle ‘Pump & Stim’ Tubes


Precision machined from solid aluminium in the SeriousKit workshops. The twin tubes provide carefully engineered suction and electro-stimulation from one testicle to the other. A remarkable sensation ! These tubes come with hoses and can be used with a hand vacuum pump or connected to a SeriousKit milker for pulsating suction. Hoses are supplied complete with suction control valves – these allow each testicle to be carefully drawn into its own tube. Hoses available in black, white, red or blue.

Testicle tubes have 4mm banana plugs – cables are sold separately. Scroll down for more information.


Product Details

Bi-polar E-stim:

The testicle tubes each have their own electrode so they can be used together. If you are new to Electro-Stimulation you can learn more on our FAQ page.

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