O Ring Constrictor SPT


Adjustable length SPT fitted with a constriction of 5 rubber O rings and a pierced rubber diaphragm. The ‘telescopic’ adjustment allows the constriction & the diaphragm to be positioned optimally.  Additional rubber diaphragms are also available to vary the sensation. (Pack of five £15)

Sizes 40mm or 50mm diameter. Scroll down for sizing information.

An adaptor kit is required (+18) for use with the original Surge Milker.


Product Details


This SPT has an adjustable telescopic length to optimise sensation. Simply choose an internal diameter.

Internal Diameter (40mm, or 50mm): The size refers to the internal diameter of the SPT. 40mm is by far the standard size.  Due to the way the milker works the sizes are not that critical - as long as the penis will fit inside the acrylic tube when erect. Diameter is calculated by dividing the circumference by 3.142 (π).

An adaptor kit is also required (+£18) for use with the original Surge Milker. This can be ordered HERE.