New 2020 Milker Kit – Without Pump


This package includes everything you need to get going EXCEPT a vacuum pump. Simply select which size SPT you would like! You can also choose to add a pack of three liners (we will match their size to the SPT you choose) and a 200g tub of K-lube powder.

The kit comes with a see-through SPT. This is the original SPT – and still the most popular. Designed to be used with the Milker’s constant lube feed.  Perfect for long sessions.  Transparent when wet.  If you are only planning to have one SPT – this is the one! The SPT (Penis tube) is the ‘business end’ of the milker and has uniquely been designed to work as a wet system.  The standard SPT is lined with soft rubber that responds to the vacuum and receives a constant wet lubricant feed. The sensations of suction & pulsation felt through the wet lubricated rubber liner are quite exceptional.  The SPT is designed to be used hands free and there is a built in system which allows it to be suspended over the penis.

Scroll down for sizing information, kit inventory, and information about vacuum pumps for the USA and Canada.


Product Details

SPT sizing (30mm, 40mm, 50mm): The size refers to the internal diameter of the SPT. 40mm is by far the standard size.  Due to the way the milker works the sizes are not that critical - as long as the penis will fit inside the acrylic tube when erect. Diameter is calculated by dividing the circumference by π.

Milker sizes

The SeriousKit Stainless Steel Milker Vessels (without lid) have the following dimensions:

Compact – Height 29cm, diameter at base 27.5cm, Volume 10L.

Standard – Height 35cm, diameter at base 33cm, Volume 20L


  • Stainless Steel Milker vessel
  • Transparent Milker lid with build in hose connections
  • Automatic vacuum regulator valve
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Pulsator & pulsator speed control lever.
  • Polished aluminium hose block
  • Red silicone adjustable height bungee cord and webbing strap - to allow hands-free use of the SPT.
  • 5m pump to milker hose complete with fittings to connect a Gast pump.
  • Hoses
  • See-though SPT
  • Lubricant supply kit

Pumps for the USA and Canada:

In the USA some of our customers have preferred to purchase a pump from e-bay or Amazon.  In this case we recommend pumps from the US manufacturer Gast Inc.  Their DAA diaphragm vacuum pumps are ideal.  Gast Inc pumps are high quality – so will work well either new or second hand. If searching for used pumps on Ebay use the search terms “GAST” and “DAA”  The New 2020 Milker will accommodate up to 4  suction devices at the same time - including our range of vacuum suits.  The DAA pump is large enough to handle this ! Some of our keenest North American clients recommend this pump by Viot - WVP5  $357 . Its a slightly louder pump but has a higher capacity . . .

SeriousKit milkers are fitted with adjustable vacuum regulators, so they will accommodate a range of pump sizes. The Milker kit (without pump) includes a 5m pump to milker hose complete with fittings to connect a Gast pump.