Lined – Open Chamber


A modification to our original fully lined SPT design – Originally designed for V2000 owners but also great with the SeriousKit Milker.  Fully-lined for the length of the shaft, but with an open chamber at the cap end.

Lube before use with a water based gel – transparent when wet. Can be used with the SeriousKit milker or V2000.
Sizes: 40mm (standard) or 50mm. 30mm as a special order.  Scroll down for more sizing information.

Product Details

Sizes - 40mm or 50mm (30mm by special order)
The size refers to the internal diameter of the acrylic tube. 40mm is by far the standard size.  Due to the way the milker works the sizes are not that critical - as long as the penis will fit inside the acrylic tube when erect. Diameter is calculated by dividing the circumference by π (3.142)