Lined Nipple Cylinders & Harness


SeriousKit’s Lined Nipple Cylinders have the same high specification as our SPTs.  Polished stainless steel caps, 5mm thick acrylic cylinders, ‘see-through’ silicone rubber liners and ‘click fit’ connectors.  The cylinders utilise both constant and pulsating suction for an authentic ‘milking’ sensation.  The SeriousKit Milker’s lube supply can be connected to the cylinders for ‘wet’ milking (lube supply hose included). Iced or warm lube can feel good. One ’squirt’ with each pulsation !  Scroll down for sizing and more detailed information.


Product Details

Harness : The harness ensures that the nipple cylinders stay in position when not under suction, and allows the cylinders to be turned on and off during sessions. Available in Standard (up to 110cm/43") or Large (over 110cm/43 inches) with four buckles to create the perfect fit. Choose between black or white silicone

Hoses: The hoses are available in black, clinical white, red, and blue. The hoses connect the Nipple Cylinders to SeriousKit Milker for suction and lube supply.