Electro Wet Milking at its very best!  Each cylinder is Bi-polar with two electrodes – an adjustable height polished stainless steel nipple electrode and a smooth polished comfort ring electrode around the base of the cylinder. The two close proximity electrodes provide separate focused e-stim for each nipple.

Constant and pulsating suction is provided by the SeriousKit milker using twin vacuum hoses with valves to control both the intensity and balance between the two types of suction. A lube supply hose (included) can be used for wet milking – iced or warm lube can feel good . . . . .  One squirt with each pulsation.

The cylinders are supplied with hoses and a silicone rubber harness.  Cables are available separately HERE

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Product Details

Product Details

Harness : The harness ensures that the nipple cylinders stay in position when not under suction, and allows the cylinders to be turned on and off during sessions. Available in Standard (up to 110cm/43") or Large (over 110cm/43") with four buckles to create the perfect fit. Choose between black or white silicone

Hoses: The hoses are available in black, clinical white, red, and blue. The hoses connect the Nipple Cylinders to SeriousKit Milker for suction and lube supply.

Nipple Cylinders: 60mm internal cylinder diameter. 80mm outer diameter of polished aluminium ring.

BI-polar E-stim: Each Nipple Cylinder is bi-polar. If you are new to Electro-Stimulation you can learn more on our FAQ page.

Find our cables and control boxes HERE