‘Glans Cage’ Hand Pump Cylinder


This Bi Polar vacuum cylinder has an ingenious design that focuses E-stim sensation on the head of the penis. The cylinder is fitted with a flexible conductive rubber “Glans cage”electrode into which the head of the penis is drawn as you pump. The lower section is available in a range of different lengths and additional lengths are available for £22. Simply choose an internal diameter and a length for the lower section. Scroll down to the full product description for information on sizing and electro-stimulation.


Product Details


Internal diameter (50mm or 60mm): In our hand pump cylinders 50mm is by far the standard size.  Due to the way hand-pumping works the sizes are not that critical - as long as the penis will fit inside the acrylic tube when erect, with room to grow during pumping. Diameter is calculated by dividing circumference by 3.142 (π)

Length: The Length of the lower section is available in 100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 130mm, or 140mm lengths. The mid point of the glans cage is 40mm from this point. The length chosen should be the length closest to that of the erect penis, measured from abdomen to tip. This enables the head of the penis to be drawn into the glans cage when pumped. Sizing is not an exact science as some people extend more or less than others. If you have used a hand pump cylinder before, that is a good guide.

If you require a different size or would like more information - just email us. You can do this before or after you purchase.

Additional lower lengths are available to ensure correct sizing or for use with multiple players.

The tube is fitted with a standard ‘click fit’ female connector compatible with hand held vacuum pumps

BI-polar E-stim:

The 'Glans Cage' cylinder is bi-polar and can therefore be used on its own. If you are new to Electro-Stimulation you can learn more on our FAQ page.

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