Electro-Stimulation Harness Kit


ThIs harness set up enables wet rubber masturbation and sensual e-stim – at the same time! The three electrodes allow a choice of contact – or Tri phase stimulation.

Each harness comes with a 15mm, 30mm, or 40mm diameter polished aluminium probe, an adjustable perineum electrode (with both front and side connection point), and an E-stim rubber masturbation bag (with either 40mm or 50mm harness mount). Available in black or white silicone.

The rubber masturbation bag can be fitted with a hose – add £5



Product Details

Harness: We make our harnesses in two sizes, standard and large. The standard harness has a waist size of up tp 40"/100cm. The large harness should fit people with a waist size greater than 40"/100cm. Harnesses are available in black or white silicone.
Internal diameter of harness mount: Available in 40mm or 50mm. Diameter is calculated by dividing circumference by 3.142 (π)

Probe: The machined aluminium electro-stimulation probe is available with a diameter of 15mm, 30mm, or 40mm and is fitted with a harness loop to hold it in place.Perineal Electrode:  The perineal electrode comes in a single size. It is machined out of solid aluminium and has both front and side e-stim connection.

Rubber Masturbation Bag: The masturbation bag is 'one size fits all' and is fitted with a machined aluminium harness mount. Made from high quality rubber and fitted with a part-length conductive rubber sheath, the bag enables a unique sensation of wet rubber masturbation and sensual e-stim. The bag is fitted with a machined aluminium harness mount with the same internal diameter at the vacuum cylinder.

Hose for Masturbation Bag: You can add a hose to the bag for £5, this facilitates the adding fluids or suction to the bag.

If you require a different sizes or would like more information - just email us. You can do this before or after you purchase.

Mono-polar E-stim:

The individual e-stim components are mono-polar. Together the harness provides the option either two or three simultaneous electro-stimulation contacts. If you are new to Electro-Stimulation you can learn more on our FAQ page.

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