Anal Probes

All SeriousKit probes are mono-polar and designed to be used in combination with another electrode. Each probe is fitted with a strap loop for harnesses and a 4mm banana jack socket.

Standard 30mm 'Easy-Grip' E-stim Probes


Mono-polar and shaped for easy retention. These probes have a 30mm diameter and an 80mm probe length.  Choose between standard (solid aluminium) and fluid supply.

Standard- £135

Fluid supply – £155

Larger Diameter 'Easy-Grip' Probes

40mm or 50mm diameter polished aluminium ‘head’.  The heads are interchangeable.

£155 (extra heads £38)



Anal Sphincter Probes

Concentrates sensation on anal sphincter area

Available in 30mm, 40mm or 50mm diameter.  The non conductive Acetal ‘heads’ are interchangeable and simply screw into position. 

£145 (extra heads £38)


Anal Probe Cylinder

Bi Polar Anal Probe Cylinder for use with either the SeriousKit Milker or a hand pump


Smooth Polished Aluminium Probes


Available in 15mm (slim – designed for E-stim without the stretch) or 30mm diameter. These mono-polar probes have a strap loop (for harnesses) and a 4mm banana jack socket.


Cables and Control Boxes


Look here for cables, control boxes and fulid supply kits.

Custom Orders


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