Nipple suction & Stimulation

SeriousKit produce a range of pulsating suction and electro-stimulation nipple devices that are sold in combination with our silicone chest harness. Experience SeriousKits trade mark ‘wet milking’ as the Milker provides both pulsating suction and a constant lubricant feed.

Lined Nipple Cylinders & Harness

SeriousKit’s Lined Nipple Cylinders have the same high specification as our SPTs.  The cylinders utilise both constant and pulsating suction for an authentic ‘milking’ sensation.  The SeriousKit Milker’s lube supply can be connected to the cylinders for ‘wet’ milking. One ’squirt’ with each pulsation ! 


Bi-Polar Nipple Cylinders & Harness

Each cylinder is Bi-polar and has two electrodes – an adjustable height polished stainless steel nipple electrode and a smooth polished ring electrode around the base of the cylinder.  The design is optimised for smooth and sensual e-stim with space inside to allow some ’tug & pull’.


Lined Electro-stim Nipple Cylinders & Harness

Electro Wet Milking at its best! Each cylinder provides bi-polar electrostimulation combined with constant and pulsating suction. 


Drone-Trodes & Harness

For exceptionally smooth bi-polar nipple stimulation, without suction


Dairy Teat Cups


Authentic 1950’s dairy teat cups – restored, polished and fitted with new commercial rubber dairy liners.  Ideal for Hucow scenes.



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