Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change a Liner?

This Video demonstrates How to change a a liner in a one of our Standerd fully-lined SPTs. 

To change an original ‘domed-cap’ SPT – Click Here


How are SeriousKit SPTs lubricated?

Our fully lined SPTs are designed to be used with a constant lubricant feed.  A lube supply kit and lined SPT is included with all SeriousKit Milkers.  The lube hose just connects onto the top of the lined SPT.  All other SPTs are simply lubricated before use with a water based gel lube such as ID Glide or KY Jelly – and so do not need a constant lube supply. 

Why use fully lined SPTs with a constant lube feed ?

Simply put, it feels great! There is really nothing quite like the sensation of wet pulsating rubber suction.  Originally our fully lined SPTs were designed for long and complex bondage sessions. Having a constant lube supply means that there is no need to re-lube the SPT during a session – as the lube slowly continues to flow. The fully lined SPTs also allow long sessions to continue uninterrupted without a bathroom break – as the Milker sucks away any fluids in the SPT – which can be really useful for long or complex sessions ! (and it feels good . . . )  At SeriousKit we really like the fully lined SPTs – that is why we supply them with every Milker Kit.  

What lubricant is needed for the lube supply ?

We recommend K-Lube concentrate – this is powder that is mixed with water.  Its very economical as the dilution for milker use is 1 gram of K-Lube per litre of water.  So a 200g tub of K-Lube would make 200 litres of lube.   That is a lot of lube! 

You can purchase K-lube HERE

New to Electro-Stimulation?

There is more than just friction to sexual pleasure!  E-stim directly stimulates nerves and adds a whole new dimension of sexual sensation whether using penis tubes, probes, or nipple cylinders.  If using our electro-stimulation vacuum suit the stimulation can cause muscle contractions involving your whole body. Whatever ‘toy’ is being used – e-stim adds an ‘edge’ to the experience.

The sensations that E-Stim offer range from sensual gentle ‘tingling’ through to deeper and more intense sensations.  Everyone is different so take time to experiment –  the perfect level for one person may be too gentle or too strong for another.

The area of the electrical contact touching the skin will also affect the nature of the sensation.  In our fully-lined Electro SPT the whole of the rubber lining is conductive.  This gives a reliably consistent contact over the whole of the penis. The combination of pulsating wet rubber suction and electro-stim is quite something ! The Electro SPT is mono polar so needs a 2nd contact such as a probe. We also have Scrotal Tubes that work very well with the Electro SPT as a 2nd contact.

A water-based (not silicone –based) sexual lubricant will enhance the electrical contact and give a ‘smoother’ sensation.

What is needed for Electro-Stimulation?

Just a Control Unit that generates the signal, some cables and whatever ‘toy’ you prefer.  The control unit controls intensity, it also offers varying types of stimulation – from a simple continuous signal where the frequency can be adjusted through to pre programmed complex patterns of waves of stimulation.  The combinations will keep you occupied for many hours . . .

You can find our cables and control box HERE

What is the difference between Mono-Polar and Bi-Polar?

E-stim ‘toys’ described as mono-polar (such as our fully lined electro-SPT) have a single electrical contact.  These need to be linked to a second mono-polar device to work.  E-stim ‘toys’ described as bi-polar contain two electrical contacts (such as our Bi Polar Two Stage SPT) and so can be used on their own.

Is Electro-Stimulation safe?

There are some simple rules for safe play:

  • Only ever use a purpose made control box designed for sensual electro-stim.
  • Never use paired mono-polar contacts above the waist where the current could flow from nipple to nipple or from the chest to the back.
  • Do not use e-stim devices if you have a pacemaker, are pregnant, or suffer from epilepsy. 
  • Never use on the head and neck.
What size Milker should I order?

Any of the SK Milker sizes will operate well with SeriousKit SPTs or with the SeriousKit Vacuum Suit – the size you choose makes no difference to the ‘feel’ of the Milker. Our Standard Milker holds 20L – the lubricant supply bottle holds 5L so there is plenty of spare vacuum capacity in the milker.  The compact Milker size holds 10L and may be preferred where storage space is limited, or simply for its different look.  We do also have a few larger 30L ‘Jumbo’ size milkers available for those who want to play with greater volumes of lube (email or use the ‘contact us’ box to order).  Remember though that large volumes of liquid will make the milker very heavy to lift when the time comes to clear up after a session!  Unless you have specific requirements order the standard size.

Milker sizes:

The SeriousKit Stainless Steel Milker Vessels (without lid) have the following dimensions:

Compact – Height 29cm, diameter at base 27.5cm, Volume 10L.

Standard – Height 35cm, diameter at base 33cm, Volume 20L

Jumbo (e-mail to order)– Height 40cm, diameter at base 33cm, volume 30L

How do I clean the Milker?

The SeriousKit Milker is easy to clean, as the Milker’s own suction can be used to draw cleaning fluid through the hoses and pulsator and into the Milker. Just dip the hose ends into cleaning solution and the vacuum in the Milker does the rest.  For a deeper clean close the valves on the hoses once they are full – and leave the system to soak. Afterwards flush clean water through the hoses.  

Clean the SPTs and other suction devices separately. All of our SPT’s and nipple cylinders now have easy to remove push-on caps. So remove the caps and wash the SPT tube (leaving the liners on the the tube – if fitted).

What cleaning solutions should I use for SeriousKit products?

If the Milker is being used by just one person then a solution of household detergent or shower gel is fine.  Flush the system with clean water afterwards.  If the Milker is being used by more than one person we suggest Quat Ammonium type cleaning products.  These are usually supplied as concentrates and are used diluted.  In the UK we recommend Chemgene HLD4L – this is effective against a wide range of pathogens including Norovirus, Hepatitis B, Herpes and HIV.  Other countries will have similar products – search for QUAT AMMONIUM.  This type of disinfectant is easy to use, effective and does not harm any of the materials used in the SeriousKit Milker or damage the finish on polished metal parts.

All SeriousKit products can be cleaned with this solution.

Where can I buy a pump for use in the USA or Canada?

We offer a 120v vacuum pump for our USA and Canadian customers. However, if you prefer to source a pump locally we recommend pumps from the US manufacturer Gast Inc.  Their DAA diaphragm vacuum pumps are ideal.  Gast Inc pumps are high quality – so will work well either new or second hand. If searching for used pumps on Ebay use the search terms “GAST” and “DAA”  The New 2020 Milker will accommodate up to 4  suction devices at the same time – including our range of vacuum suits.  The DAA pump is large enough to handle this !  Some of our keenest North American clients recommend this pump by Viot – WVP5  $357 . It’s a slightly louder pump but has a higher capacity . . .

The milker is fitted with an adjustable automatic vacuum regulator so will work with a wide range of vacuum pump sizes.  We supply a pump to milker connection hose with out ‘without pump’ Milker kit. 

The recommended minimum free air flow of the vacuum pump should be 60 litres per minute (2.12  cu feet per minute).

Can I place an order from anywhere in the world?

We sell direct worldwide. Shipping is calculated at check out. If the website does not calcuate shipping, send us an email and we will and we will arrange your order.

Can I use SeriousKit gear with a Venus 2000?
SeriousKit liners – both see through and conductive – can be used with Venus 2000 receivers. See our Liner pages for detailed information on correct sizing.
As regards our SPTs – all SeriousKit SPTs can now be used with the V2000.  SPTs are connected using our Venus 2000 Connection Hose.  It is supplied in black silicone rubber with two push-fit connectors. If the SPT is unlined and so only has one connection – just close off the valve on the spare hose.
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Returns and Repairs?

We like to have happy customers and will do our best to resolve any problems.  We are always available for advice.  Having a problem? We have probably seen it before and can almost certainly help.

If you are unhappy with your purchase you can return it to us unused within 28 days of purchase.  Due to the very personal nature of our equipment we cannot accept returns if it has been used even once.   Shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility.  We will fully refund the actual purchase price on receipt of the equipment in unused condition.   We will only accept returns if we have issued a returns reference to you.

If anything is faulty we will replace or repair at no cost.  Any items for repair must be returned to our base in the UK.

If you break something or have a problem we will always do our very best to help. 

Please e-mail us using the contact form below and we will get back to you quickly.

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