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The SeriousKit system was originally based around the iconic American Surge Milking Machine, which was modified to work with our hand-machined stainless steel and acrylic SPTs (Suction Pulsation Tubes – for the penis). We have now released the New 2020 Milker. The new Milker offers stronger pulsation and greater speed control with the option of much slower or much faster pulsation.  So, the “milking feel” is much better. The Milker also has the option of simultaneous or alternate pulsation. Alternate pulsation feels good if using more than one vacuum device – for example, if you are using a scrotal electro-stimulation suction tube and a penis tube – you can alternate the suction between them (feels like ‘real milking’ !) The new system is also quieter and makes nice ‘milking-esque’ sounds. The pulsator now pumps both liquid and air, so it does not need to kept dry. This makes using nipple suction with liquid lube  or with a wet vacuum suit much easier.  The ability to work with liquids also makes the system straightforward to clean, as the Milker’s own suction can be used to draw cleaning fluid through the hoses and into the Milker

The SPT is the ‘business end’ of the Milker and has been uniquely designed to work as part of a wet system.  The classic SPTs (See-through or Electro) are lined with soft rubber that responds to the vacuum and receives a constant wet lubricant feed. The sensations of suction & pulsation felt through the wet lubricated rubber liner are truly exceptional.  The SPT is designed to be used hands free and the Milker kit has been set up to allow the SPT to be suspended over the penis. We produce a range of SPTs each designed to offer different kinds of sensual stimulation. The use of constrictions, carefully positioned electrodes, our hallmark conductive rubber liners, and our imagination all come together to produce an intense milking experience that must be felt to be believed!

The system is highly versatile and has been designed to allow long-term teasing and edging. It can be used hands-free while alone and watching video, or during a bondage session. The system can also be used for ‘forced’ repeat milking – it just keeps going . . . . . The milker has four inlets, allowing simultaneous use of SPTs and nipple suction cylinders by more than one person.  Or the use of our pulsating vacuum suit and an SPT. The SeriousKit Milker is particularly good for longer-term bondage sessions where the subject is going to be restrained for hours – perhaps with complex E-stim connections. Due to the constant flow of lubricant (and any other fluids) – ‘subjects’ can be restrained without need of a bathroom . . . . . 



Once you have the Milker...

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