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Our SeriousKit Milker is THE machine for vacuum and electro stim play.  SeriousKit have spent years developing a wide array of devices for use with Milkers and new gear is always in the pipeline.  So your Milker can develop along with your interests! Sessions of use could vary from simply using an SPT hands free while watching video, which works really well.  Through to complex bondage sessions with multiple devices all working together – such as testicle tubes, an SPT and nipple cylinders – all with pulsating suction and, if desired, electro stim.  We even have a range of electro stim rubber vacuum suits.  Sensory overload at its very best.

Our Milker offers great pulsation and excellent speed control – fast and slow – resulting in the unique milking feel SeriousKit is famous for. The Milker also has the option of simultaneous or alternate pulsation.  If using more than one vacuum device – for example a scrotal electro stimulation suction tube and a penis tube – you can alternate the suction between them.  This feels like real milking!

SeriousKit Milkers use state of the art pulsators that have been specially designed to work with air and liquids.  This enables the use of wet lube feeds to nipple cylinders or pulsating suction in a wet vacuum suit. The ability to work with liquids also makes the system straightforward to clean, as the Milker’s own suction can be used to draw cleaning fluid through the hoses and into the Milker. This applies to any fluid – so during long sessions subjects can be restrained without need of a bathroom break.

The SPT is the ‘business end’ of the Milker and is designed to be used hands-free suspended over the penis.  The classic SPTs (See-Through or Electro) are lined with soft rubber that responds to the vacuum and, uniquely, receive a constant wet lubricant feed. The sensations of suction & pulsation felt through the wet lubricated rubber liner are truly exceptional. In addition to our lined SPT’s we produce a wide range of unlined SPTs each designed to offer different kinds of sensual stimulation. These do not need a constant lube supply. The use of constrictions, carefully positioned electrodes, our hallmark conductive pierced rubber diaphragms – and our imagination – all come together to produce a beautifully intense milking experience.

So whether you are looking for long-term teasing and edging while watching video, or ‘forced’ repeat milking (it just keeps going – if you can).  Or if you really enjoy e-stim and are looking for a practical and achievable way to reach hands free e-stim orgasms – SeriousKit has the gear. 

Once you have the Milker...

…… you open the door to everything else that we do. Get ready!


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