The Original VAcuum Specialists

25 Years of Innovation

The SeriousKit team are enthusiasts. To us the dungeon is a stage, a set on which to act out fantasies. We combine precision engineering and state of the art vacuum and electro-stimulation technology to create a product range capable of delivering extraordinary pleasure. Originally developing a customised version of the iconic American ‘Surge Milker’, SeriousKit have gone on to develop a wide range of specialised erotic gear that utilises the milker’s abundant pulsating suction.

Today SeriousKit is a world leader in suction and electro-stimulation gear for sexual play.  From Milkers with electro-stimulation suction for cock, nipples and  testicles, to our whole body electro-stimulation rubber vacuum suits: we have the gear.  Whether you are looking for a hand pump suction tube and harness to compliment a new latex suit, or a complete milking setup for hours of hands-free fun, SeriousKit are the team to follow.   We’ve come a long way in 25 years.


The Serious Kit Milker

The SeriousKit system was originally based around the iconic American Surge Milking Machine. The current Milker offers strong pulsation and excellent speed control, both fast and slow, resulting in the unique milking feel SeriousKit is famous for.

What we do

With 25 years experience we are the number one supplier for players and studios worldwide. From easy to use hand pump systems to state of the art electro stimulation vacuum equipment, we have it all!

Online Shop

You can now purchase much of the SeriousKit range here in our online store. We make most of our products in house, dispatch is usually within seven days.


About Milking Machines

Our Milking Machines are used by thousands of professionals and private users worldwide. SeriousKit have designed a unique system based around wet milking and pulsating suction. The system is designed with edging and teasing in mind, either alone or during bondage.

Craftsmanship & Design

Our products are designed by fetishists rather than accountants and their quality reflects this. Everything we make is engineered in the SeriousKit workshop to a standard rarely found in the ‘sex toy’ world. We precision machine our SPTs and hand-pump cylinders out of solid rods of aluminium, stainless steel, and acrylic. The SeriousKit team are enthusiasts, we love talking about what we do and regularly welcome clients to the shop floor.

Bespoke Rubber Vacuum Suits

The SeriousKit Vacuum suit is the proof that we really can make dreams come true. Fine tuned over the past decade our hermetically sealed rubber suits make full use of the milker’s capacity to evacuate both air and fluids – creating an unbeatable sensation of whole-body wet rubber suction. With the option of E-stim panels and compatible with our full range of SPTs, nipple devices and probes, in the right hands this suit can make your wildest fantasies a reality.


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At SeriousKit we have developed a reputation for listening to our customers. You asked for the impossible and we made it happen!

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